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About Us
The New Societe Organisation of Caribbean “Cultural” Affairs (NSOCA) was created with the intent of fulfilling the role of social management within the Caribbean communities. Our pledge is one of building foundations and systems which are suitable and affordable to our community. One of the organisations main objectives is to make our community more productive, imaginative and collective in the way we pursue our goals as a community.

The NSOCA is well known for a number of attributes, one of which is the sizeable number of elders from our community who are actively involved in our organisation. These people along with their experiences and understanding have brought a rich vein of knowledge to the planning and decision making of NSOCA. Following many years of research, planning and discussions with various groups and individuals, in 2008 it was decided we the NSOCA would become an umbrella organisation for the purpose of cultural development here in the United Kingdom and with the possibilities of extending further afield where our purpose may be needed by other people of culture.

The NSOCA hopes to provide the platform where many talented individuals can start their journey, be nurtured and launched with a degree of confidence.

It is our intention to operate with an open door policy to our community and to be involved in areas of values and responsibilities on the behalf of our community.

The NSOCA operates mainly through a membership system, this is because we are predominantly an organisation for the purpose of cultural values, development and therefore we do not subscribe to any Government financial support. As you continue to read through our statements, you will see that we try to address our support for religious understanding, our interest towards cultural businesses and our ways of working towards collective cooperation within many of our social sectors of interest to our community.

On  behalf of our members and people who are actively giving their support, we thank you for logging onto our website:

NSOCA Cultural Development Department.