Community Matters

We at the New Societe Organisation of Caribbean ‘Cultural’ Affairs cares for our community and looks after both the young and the elderly.

march-1Elderly Services
Through our “Friendly Face” social support program, the NSOCA have made our office available for people to call, should they be living alone, hospitalised or placed within a care home with no visible family support. A bunch of flowers, a card or a little conversation can go a long way in times of loneliness and needs. A community that dares is a community that cares.

Private Home Child Care.
If you’re living in suitable accommodation. Have a good attitude towards children. Walling to keep a child/s during working hours five days per week.
Why not register with the NSOCA.
Police clearance check is required.
Tel: 020 77337337
childdd2-704x318CHILD CARE SERVICES
Do you have a family but need to go to work?
Does your job require you to get home late from work?
Are you worried about youngsters getting home safely from school?
Do you want a place where your child(ren) can feel secure?
Nursery and after school fees too high?Look no further……….!!!
Why not contact the NSOCA. Under our cultural enhancement programmes, we maybe able to help you to better protect and manage these issues.
Our Community Comes First!

Child Care Services
Our youth academy C2G will be running programs for children between the ages of 7-16, so please enrol your child for our evening and weekend classes which are available to you through the NSOCA cultural academy for people of Caribbean cultural descent.Our classes are designed to uplift and provide a platform to our students and the Caribbean community. Please note that possible enrolment training will be available in 2014 but to avoid disappointment, enrol with us at the earliest opportunity.The courses will be financed through the NSOCA’s cooperative funding system with the Caribbean community, which is otherwise free of charge.Our courses will include- football, tennis, athletics, dance, singing, acting, mathematics, English and more.