As of 2012 there were a number of meetings held by the NSOCA and members of our cultural business sector. Among our discussions was the protection of our business sectors, collective co-operation and other measures which might be helpful in the present economical climate. Although nothing was set in stone there were many points of common interest between the NSOCA and our business sector.

Each year more and more cultural businesses disappear from our streets, the result from this action means we are more and more becoming a culture of consumers, losing prime locations in our neighbourhood and against the back drop of buying our own cultural products from other sources. In our meetings there were many comments in regards to the lack of support given to some of these businesses by our community and the lack of understanding towards price differences.

Over the past twelve months the NSOCA have extended its services by way of business links and advice to people who are entering the world of business for the very first time. We have put plans in place for the purpose of support by way of legal and business advice especially for those who may be entering the world of business for the first time as we continue to commit to the development of our communities progress. Recently we have seen many new products coming on the market from members of our community who have benefitted through our support by putting their own product on the market i.e. new beverages, new designs by young designers and other products such as a new skin cream which is said to be useful to people who suffer from eczema. The NSOCA is seeking to have better relations and co-operation with our business sector, through who may see it fitting to stock community products and possibly help in turning some of these products into brand names.

If you are new in business, planning to be in business, are already an established business but have not yet being contacted by us, MAKE A DIFFERENCE, please get in touch with us wherever you are in the UK.

In the meantime we wish to thank all the businesses who are kindly hosting our collection boxes on their premises.

Vessle of Hope.
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If you would like to advertise your business through us, please contact us. Functions and events of community interest are also welcome. Please contact our office for furter information.

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