The Value of Membership
Becoming a member of the NSOCA is an option we highly recommend. If you would like to become a member please make further enquiries.
Membership gives you a voting right and the chance of holding a position to being part of the NSOCA’s planning board. Members are more informed, have access to priority links and legal advice. To become a member simply contact us. Membership is £5 each month.

Please contact us on 020 77337337 or email

Getting To Your Area
NSOCA are keen to work with our community in all areas of the United Kingdom. There are many ways in which you could give your assistance in order to speed up the process of us operating in your area. For example, working as a Cultural Advisor, being a member or giving voluntary assistance in your community. Starting out as a voluntary or commission rate worker can easily lead to being permanently employed.

Your support for us, is one of great importance to all of our communities around the UK. You can make a contribution to us for a monthly fee, by way of standing order or other means which are available to you.

NSOCA works with many social care links. Through these special arrangements, we are able to make connections between parents and many establishments with regards to children’s activities. Our programs are aimed at protecting our children, affordable child care and after school clubs. We also try to place children in activities such as dance classes, voice training and acting classes.
For further information with regards to any of our programs, please contact us. If you are actively supporting NSOCA, you can request having your business or achievements featured on our website.

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