NSOCA Community Assistance

NSOCA are not without the awareness of the current financial crisis around the world and in particular what it will mean for many of us here in the UK.  NSOCA have set up a special service where advice with regards to people who may be in danger of losing their homes, jobs and immigration, etc, can gain legal and other advisory support including representation in lawful matters.

As well as the assistance we are presently able to carry out, we also have  our “Friendly Face “programme. With the aid of voluntary workers, this programme helps us to visit many people who live alone, are hospitalised or are being placed in a care home with no visible family support. Sometimes a simple card, a bunch of flowers or just someone to converse with can go a long way. Seasonal tuition classes in dancing, singing and acting have recently started but have not yet progressed to educational standard, nor have they reached many areas with regards to nationwide development. NSOCA often receive queries relating to immigration, people in danger of losing homes, businesses in distress, and other personal problems. Thanks to our legal attachment team, we are able to assist many of our callers although in some cases a donation may be required. For further information for all of the above, please contact us.

The NSOCA have over the years assisted many people with legal advice.

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