Practical assistance for those in the prison system

Sadly, we may know of someone serving a sentence inside one of our prisons today. Is there anything we can do to assist?

  1. Firstly, do not wait until you are inside before seeking further help or support.
  2. We at NSOCA can advise and support your partner, friend or family through this whole journey.
  3. What about the families who are left behind? They often need emotional and financial support too.
  4. We at NSOCA can offer support in the community and offer practical advice rather than letting you and your loved ones inside feel totally isolated.
  5. If your partner has, for example, been sent to prison 50 miles away, we would advise you to call our number for advice on assisted prison visits.

This is just one of the things our legal team at NSOCA can provide for our community in need.

For more information, please contact our office on 0207 733 7337 or email

Bernadette M-Raggett (Legal Advisor)

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