Dear Community Member

10 Things you should know about US.

1 The NSOCA was formed in 2002, solely by people of Caribbean ethnicity here in the United Kingdom. Its principles are to enhance our Community to the levels of other adapted Communities here in the UK and to work within the boundaries of many Caribbean Islands.

2 Funding & Reasons: The NSOCA is funded solely by membership and contributions from our community. The NSOCA was approached some years ago by a certain authority, who had offered financial charitable help to the organisation. However, due to the fact that we needed to be an organisation predominantly for people of culture, unfortunately we could not accept this offer and secondly, we needed our community to understand the true value of standing on our own two feet.

3 Associations: The NSOCA works in association with many of our community’s establishments, i. e, religious groups, community businesses, legal firms and also many divisions of our community’s media in many areas of the UK.

4 Volunteers’ input: The NSOCA are able to carry out many of its services to our community through the generosity of volunteers who work in many areas of the UK, London, Birmingham, Coventry, Sheffield, Bournemouth and Leeds, to name a few.                                                                                          Through this fortune of good will, we’re able to provide some services to all these areas such as visits to elderly people at home, in hospitals and in care homes, through our “Friendly Face” system. These programmes, however, are restricted to those people without family assistance and generally assist with legal and social matters where, in order to prevent long distance travelling and reduce expenses, local volunteers are asked to carry out duties on behalf of the recipient.

5 Sponsorship: The NSOCA are always open to community events sponsorship, we generally help in areas of promotion, and training where the circumstances relate to giving back to the community. Special advertisements through our media system can also be arranged.



6 Legal Advice Service: In 2014 The NSOCA had managed to put in place what could be our community’s very first legal advisory service in Brixton, South East London. This was done with the help of a number of local legal advisers who volunteered their time and effort for the benefit of our community. In order to safeguard and enhance the future of this service, donations are always welcome from clients using the service.

7 Representation: The NSOCA over the years, have represented many families with regard to their children and school issues, rent arrears, tribunals cases and home improvement issues. The NSOCA have also played an important role in visiting young people in prison and those with immigration problems.

8 Media Service – NSOCA and Jam TV: Recently, the NSOCA started working in association with a new television station, “JAM TV”, SKY 212 Sundays at 9pm, freesat 161, YOUVIEW 254 and Freeview 254, in areas of production and marketing. Our collaboration with this station we believe, will be of great service and benefit to our community from both a commercial and social point of view.                                                   You can now advertise your product or event which will be seen by over 1.5 million viewers within our community market place in the UK and across Europe each week. Special billboard advertisement prices from just £50 for two weeks are put in place to help our community businesses and events. We ask you to please support this station and help it to grow and be the voice we’ve never had.

9 Returnees Link: The NSOCA acts as a good and reliable resource for people who have returned to the Caribbean from the UK. Through this special link, we’re able to help those who have returned home leaving unfinished legal issues, the transportation of items and locating family members or people in the UK with whom they may have lost touch.

10 Membership: Becoming a member of the NSOCA is very important for the development of our community. This option is different from being a volunteer as, among other things, it allows you to vote and be part of the decision-making process. Membership supports you wherever in the world you reside and continues throughout your lifetime. Membership is £5 per month with an option of paying more, depending on your ability to do so.


Honourable Membership: An Honourable Membership, is generally given to someone who has served our community over a long period in an honourable way or contributed through service. Recognition is given by the award of a certificate and freedom of access to facilities within the organisation.

Your £3 per month: This helps us in making our community more self reliant in areas of ownership, business development, education, research and training especially for young people. Your contribution will help to create employment, provide training and help us to compete with other cultures, whilst at the same time laying the foundations for future generations.                                                                                                                                                 The NSOCA are asking those who have received this document, not only to make a contribution themselves, but to also talk to family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues with regard to making a contribution also.

Payment methods                                                                                                                                            1 The NSOCA can send you a standing order form, which you will need to fill in and take to your bank.

2 Use pay pal from our website, www.nsoca.org

3 Pay using your mobile phone

4 Pay using your debit card

Payment: Contributions should be paid to:

Natwest bank

Account no: 81223404

Sort code: 60-03-36

Reference: your name


To minimise the risk of fraud, once your payments have started, you should contact our office on 020 7733 7337 or 07838 002685 to confirm that payments have begun and also to register with the NSOCA.

Without your support, none of the things we do will continue to be possible.

NSOCA Cultural Development Dept.



Organised body – In most successful adapted communities, one generally finds that the community does not depend solely on the government of their new environment to provide all the answers. The responsibility of a community lies within its own people who are meant to guide, teach and develop the community through its own intelligence and willingness to contribute something. The NSOCA, like all progressive organisations, have spent many years in planning and researching on a very small budget, but always in the belief that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and our footprints could yet be a new beginning for us and future generations.

If you would like to see your community stand up to the challenges we face now and in the future, please encourage your family, friends and others to give their support by making a contribution of £3 per month and volunteer for duties according to your own capabilities and circumstances.

Our sincere thanks for acknowledging this document. If you would like us to send you extra copies for a relative or friend or for general distribution, please contact us on 0207 733 7337, 07838 002685, or email info@nsoca.org




Unity means strength

NSOCA Cultural Development Dept.                                                                                     please keep this document in a safe place

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