50p, Are we worth 50p, per week? 

Community Development Contribution                        

Dear friend,

We’re pleased to be introducing you to the Big Plan, set out in your community, as a way of self pride, development and responsibility. Through your contribution of just 50p per week we could enhance our community in ways to provide many needed facilities, which will be beneficial to the growth and needs of our community. This also includes various educational and development programs and helps us to create employment opportunities to many such as teachers/tutors etc, and be able to afford the hiring of premises, transportation and other overhead expenses.

Through your contribution our community will be better able to provide affordable nursery places for children, assistance to our elderly and a better future for generations to come.

Our programs promise to reach and support thousands of families, contribute to Collective Cooperation and allows you to play a role in bringing well needed changes to our community.

To learn more about us please visit our website www.nsoca.org

Contact us by email us: info@nsoca.org

Or telephone: 0207 7337337

Our sincere thanks to you for supporting your community in this way.

NSOCA, Cultural Development Dept

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